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Pigeon and Blueberry.

Original watercolour painting, created as part of a body of work examining the increasing list of endangered birds.

Rock Dove, or Pigeons, are not endangered. They're sort of the opposite. 

Pigeons are one of a few species of bird that have adapted well to the world they find themselves in. The species' has an innate preference for tall, rocky cliffs, so naturally does well in cities where it can make use of buildings. Food is plentiful, and well-fed pigeons are able to reproduce more successfully, meaning their numbers continue to grow!

Our impact isn't null, though. Pigeons often suffer amputations due to synthetic materials, and research has shown that pigeons' plumage is getting darker as they evolve to thrive amongst our metal cliffs.

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S.

  • 10 x 12"
  • Watercolour and Ink on Cotton Paper.
  • Signed, with a Certificate of Authenticity

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