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Common Cuckoo


Common Cuckoo and brown tail moth caterpillar.

Created as part of a body of work examining the increasing list of endangered birds.

The Common cuckoo has seen a 70% decline in England since 1995.  As a parasitic nester, the cuckoo relies on the nests of other birds once it makes its fleeting appearance within the UK. It is thought that climate-induced shifts in the breeding patterns of its hosts could have reduced the number of nests available for cuckoos to usurp, resulting in it's decline. Sadly, the decline of other UK birds is fuelling the loss of this iconic bird.

Here, the cuckoo is chewing on a brown tail moth. This particular type of moth is exploding in population size within the UK, largely attributed to global warming.



  • Hahnemuhle Bamboo Rag
    Made from 90% bamboo and no chemical brighteners - yay eco.
  • Natural soft white shade
  • Acid free - Lignin Free
  • Smooth surface
  • Excellent Colour Gamut
  • Each print comes signed.


  • 8 x 12" [A4]
  • 12 x 16" [A3]


For their protection: Smaller prints will be shipped in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, inside a board backed envelope. Larger prints will be sent in a recycled sleeve, rolled inside a rigid tube.

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